Help Call

Medical staff can call for help immediately if a threatening situation arises

The increasing hostility encountered in healthcare facilities, means care givers are at risk and staff morale is affected. Attacks on staff are rising and providing protection has become an operational and a legal necessity.

Help Call is designed to reduce the effects of verbal and physical abuse on staff personnel in acute care hospitals, psychiatric wards, examination rooms, emergency rooms, long-term patient care facilities or outpatient treatment centers.
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Help Call TransmitterUsing RF/IR Signaling Technology, Help Call gives staff members more security, knowing that in a dangerous situation, they can summon assistance at the touch of a button, from anywhere within the facility or even outside from a remote parking lot.

Our complete range of advanced, staff protection solutions can suit every requirement, whether a large multi-ward hospital to an out-patient clinic. Call TW Systems to design a solution for your facility.