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Help Call system

Ability to call from help wirelessly with system capable of determining exact and/or approximate location of individual.

People Tracking & Management

Customer, visitor, patient, resident, etc. tracking and management of time, actions or in-action.

Access Control

Ability to determine who can enter any given place in your establishment and even when. As well as being able to open doors remotely at pre-determined times, for specific people and/or situations.

Intrusion Detection

Knowing that your business is secured by intrusion detection services can give you the security and peace of mind that you need. Our systems can monitor doors, windows, motion in and around the business and much more.

Asset Tracking

For everything from computers, lab equipment maintenance, hospital equipment, etc. With the ability to track in or out of use, location, set boundaries where can be taken, etc.

Hand Hygiene

Documentation that caregivers’ hands are washed before and after being with each resident to decrease the spread of infections in healthcare environment. In restaurant environment, documentation that staff’s hands are washed after going to restroom.

Baby Match System

Babies are matched only to the correct mother. Nurses are alerted when they are at the correct mother’s room with the correct baby. Alerts are announced and areas locked when a baby is close to exit doors and elevators prior to discharge.