Access Control

Access Control Video

TW Systems installs comprehensive and cost-effective physical access control and attendance products ranging from single door to multi-door, multi-site solutions.

Our Access Control System gives you the ability to regulate and monitor the movement of people anywhere within your premises and can be easily integrated with our real-time Safety, Security and Camera Solutions, to help protect your employees, guests and property.

Access Control System Features

Only authorized staff can move patients in and out of secure areas. No buttons or keycard swipes required.

  • Each staff member receives a badge that is coded to grant access only to approved areas
  • Entry to designated areas is limited to approved staff, residents, and visitors
  • When transporting or escorting a patient, doors open automatically only for staff authorized to enter that particular area
  • Documentation of who entered a specific area and amount of time in that area
  • When designated residents approach doors, they automatically open in common areas so residents with walkers and wheelchairs don’t have to struggle or wait for help
  • When a resident is escorted by an authorized caregiver, doors automatically unlock without having to call for the door to be unlocked either remotely by another individual and/or in person by another individual