Government and Military Complexes

Protect data, assets and employees in government and military facilities

Protect government employees, material sensitive to homeland security, and the facilities. Our technicians are registered with the DCJS (Department of Criminal Justice Services).
Detailed Product Brochures

Asset Tracking

  • Alert notification when designated equipment is about to be removed from a specific area (i.e., computers, file cabinets, etc.)
  • Documentation when equipment is in/out of service (i.e., everything from projectors to laptops, etc.)
  • Alerts when a piece of equipment is due for maintenance (i.e., copiers, laptops, etc.)
  • Notification if equipment is moving (in-use) or static and location


Staff and Visitor Management

  • Exact location of a staff and visitors is known at any given time
  • Staff and/or visitors can call for help with push of a button on their ID badge should the need arise


Access Control

  • Keyless entry with documented history of who entered and/or left as well as dates and times
  • Entry to designated areas is limited to approved staff and/or visitors
  • Easy to install wireless access locks replace existing traditional locks


Fire System Inspections

Fire systems

Fire systems notify first responders immediately if a fire occurs.

With our fire system, should a fire occur, the system  triggers a fire alert and immediately notifies first responders. Multiple buildings can be linked together wireless and/or network for one reporting system… saving money on phone lines and monitored accounts.

Fire system inspections are required on a yearly basis. Contact us to set up an appointment. We can usually schedule an inspection within the week.