Industries We Serve

Our security, tracking, and fire systems deliver comprehensive security solutions to every establishment from retail stores and office buildings to hospitals, residential care facilities, schools, institutions, museums, childcare facilities, restaurants, and everything in between.

Reporting Systems for Regulated Industries

Many industries have reporting, regulations, and required periodic inspections. Our EV2 system’s documented reporting history is an invaluable aid in helping these industries fulfill those obligations easily and efficiently.

Efficiency equals cost savings

We have the know-how to leverage and customize security technology as a cost effective solution to a number of industry needs. Our clients are thrilled when they learn the system in which they invested is able to perform above and beyond what they ever thought possible within that system’s infrastructure.
For example:

A business in an office type of environment, such as a brokerage firm, might utilize EV2’s access control badges for their employees.  This technology enables the business to determine which employee can come and go at various times and to what areas they have access.

An Industry Example: Assisted Living

In an assisted living environment, this technology offers the same feature and in addition, the facility’s executive director can also determine when and where a caregiver can go. PLUS, the access badge also has a help call button on it should they and/or a resident need assistance. That access badge can also determine if the caregiver washed their hands prior to helping and/or leaving a resident before going to the next one. Once again, we can take the hand washing verification in the assisted living environment and apply it to the restaurant industry showing proof that the staff washed their hands before leaving the restroom and returning to serve the patrons.

Examples such as the above-mentioned is just one example of how our EV2 system and our vast array of industries we serve works to the benefits of our current and future clients by providing multiple cost-effective solutions with one system.

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