FAQ – Service Related

securitysystemquestionsQ: Is there a direct number for me to call should I have an alarm monitoring issue?

A: Yes, please call 804-789-1027 or toll free at 888-730-1707.

Q: Do I call the monitoring station to schedule a service call?

A: Call our office directly at 804-789-1027 or toll free at 888-730-1707. Please see our rates and/or terms in the Service/Maintenance section of this web site.

Q: Does TW Systems test my system regularly for me?

A: No, we do not, but provide you with the owner’s manual detailing how to test the system. Please refer to your owner’s manual and test it regularly to ensure proper working condition. If you do not have a manual, please call our office at 804-789-1027 or toll free at 888-730-1707, and you will be given directions on how you can obtain one. If, after following the step-by-step instructions you determine that your system is not working properly, call our office immediately to request a service call. Please note that TW Systems initiates a communications performance test on a regular basis.

Q: What should I do if my technician does not show up as scheduled?

A: We know that your time is valuable. Therefore, we do our best to arrive as scheduled. If our technician does not arrive during the scheduled time and you have not be contacted alerting you of a delay, please call our office at 804-789-1027 or toll free at 888-730-1707 promptly. Our customer service staff is there to assist you should the need arise.