FAQ – Keypad, Alerts, & Notices

securitysystemquestionsQ: What is an undefined signal?

A: Our technicians meticulously test the alarms during installation since an alarm system is capable of transmitting numerous signals to TW Systems’ monitoring station. On a rare occasion, we receive a signal that our database has not clearly defined. When this happens, it alerts us to update our information.

Q: Why do my motion detectors send false notices?

A: There can be a few reasons why this happens. It could be where the motion detector was installed, or the movement of such objects as curtains, animals, or equipment if inside or the movement of trees, animals, vehicles, etc. if outside. Even improper installation of the detector will trigger a false alert. All of these will trigger a false alert. In instances such as these, the motion detector may require adjusting and/or relocation by a TW System’s technician.

Q: Sometimes my keypad displays “not ready”, why?

A: This is the systems way of informing you that the alarm system is “not ready” to be turned on or “armed”. You cannot “arm” the system unless all sensors are in “ready” mode. Here are a few things to check when this notice appears on your keypad; any previous alerts/alarms have been cleared from the keypad’s memory, doors and/or windows containing sensors are completely closed, there is no movement around motion detectors such as curtains, animals, people, etc. Once you have determined the reason for the “not ready” display and corrected it then alarm system will be ready to be turned on or “armed”.

security system answersQ: Why would my keypad show “no ac” on the screen?

A: “no ac” is displayed when the system has lost electrical power. As long as the electricity is on in the dwelling the next step would be to check that the outlet is operational. This can be achieved by plugging something into the outlet to see if it works. If the outlet is determined to be working properly after performing that test, then a service call will be required to be set-up.

Q: Why is my system not communicating correctly?

A: There are several reasons why communication may not communicate correctly. The first thing to check is that the telephone line that the system uses to communicate is operational. Next to check that the actual alarm system equipment is also operating correctly. If those two are determined to be functioning correctly, then it may actually be a malfunction with your phone company itself. It could even be a communication issue within TW Systems.