About Us: Satisfied Clients

Our customized, technically advanced security solutions and multi-task system called EV2 is an all-in-one approach to business asset and personal  security systems.  Included is our 24-hour monitoring of all systems through a local UL Listed Central Station and 24/7 emergency services from our staff.

Case Studies:

A regional grocery store chain needs maintenance on their store safes, access control for various areas of their establishment, the ability to know where a specific piece of equipment is at any given time, and assurance that their fire system meets code requirements. TW Systems was able to provide all of these services utilizing the EV2 systems’ multiple function capabilities. In some instances, TW Systems was able to integrate with the chain’s existing system, saving them time and money.

A local care facility has had an issue with staff not being able to find equipment when it is needed and/or cannot find it at all. TW Systems installed EV2 which worked with components of the client’s existing security system which enabled the care facility to not only track the whereabouts of their equipment at any given time, but enables them to know if equipment goes beyond certain pre-set boundaries as well as who took the equipment past those boundaries.

Some schools and governmental facilities are dangerous environments, not only for the students and/or patients but for the staff as well. TW Systems installed the wireless EV2 system that not only keeps track of all inhabitants of the facility but of the staff as well. Additionally, all staff ID tags are equipped with a call help button to alert security when help is needed and where the individual is at that point-in-time.

From Our Clients

“In an industry where peoples’ lives are at stake, the ability to get immediate attention to situations that arise is a top priority. TW Systems took the time to learn all aspects of our business and customized a help call system that met all of the safety and security needs of our residents and staff. We now have a reliable, cost affective system in place that we never thought we could afford in today’s economic environment. Their entire staff makes us feel like we are their only customer.” ~Sandra, Health Care Facility

“In addition to our overall security enhancements, TW Systems has enabled us to experience a decrease in asset losses as well as better management of our staff’s time through the system they installed for us.  The return on investment of this system was quick and immediately felt and seen.” ~ Tom, Convenience Store Owner

“Thanks for the time you took to get to know our business and our security and loss prevention needs. You helped us find cost effective solutions to situations that we thought would be cost prohibited to our business at this point-in-time.” ~Chuck, Local Vehicle Dealership