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Access Control with Keycard or Proximity Readers

Posted on October 1, 2013 by midloweb

Managing a facility that has multiple keys is challenging because if a staff member loses a key or leaves the organization, recovering the keys is difficult and sometimes impossible. Your choice is to risk an unauthorized person gaining access using that key or to endure the expense and hassle of re-keying the locks.

Convert to Access Control System

Converting a facility to access control gives managers the ability to grant access at varying levels to specific parts of the building(s), but more importantly provides control over the access from a centralized location. If an employee loses the keycard or FOB, it is easily disabled and another one can be generated. Or if an employee leaves the organization, managers can revoke access electronically even if the keycard is not returned.

Access Control Reporting

It is easy to see when someone arrives at your facility and track movement to secure areas in the access control system using reports generated with the accompanying software.

Add or Upgrade Access Control at your Facility

Contact TW Systems for a site survey and estimate to add or upgrade access control at your facility. It is