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Residential Access Control Systems

Posted on August 3, 2012 by Wright

You’ve set the security alarm and settled down for the night. All is safe and secure… right?  Yes and no. Even with a security system, access control is another step in securing your family and home. Well you think, I have a security system, doesn’t that provide access control. A standard or basic security system just lets you know that someone has entered your home after the system has been armed. An access control can be used with or without a security system and provides the following additional security:

  • keeping out unauthorized people,
  • letting authorized people in your home, and
  • even records who comes & goes with dates and times.


Types of Access Control Systems – All of the types listed below can be used in conjunction with a security system or by itself if a security system is not installed. Of course, determining what type of access control and if a security system is needed as well is dependent on many factors, where you live, if any type of system is in place and compatible with something new, if in a multi-dwelling building if authorized by the owners, etc. A professional security consultant can assist with determining which system is best for your situation.

  • Keyless – A cost effective option, this usually with a key pad by the door or on the door and opens with a numeric code. However, it does have the least options and/or features.
  • Card/FOB Swipe – Either option is easy to carry and use and there is no code to remember.
  • Telephone Entry – This option is typically installed in conjunction with a keyless or card/FOB swipe enabling the homeowner to inquire verbally and/or visually who is at the door and “buzz” them in if approved. It’s also great if the resident has limited mobility.


Access Control Features:

  • System Integration – integrate with security/burglary systems, unlock doors should a fire occur, door status notification, and control lighting when entering. 
  • Remote Access Control – with this feature you can perform one or all of these features: lock/unlock doors with mobile device or via the Internet, receive communications of who enters/leaves, lock status, and add/delete authorized individuals.


As mentioned, it is always best to consult with a security professional to determine the best options available to you and for your situation. Call us TODAY to set up a consultation.